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October 01, 2022


The Government Is Racing to Put Your Toilet Under Surveillance—For a Good Reason


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So this is not just for only Kim Jong-Un anymore?

Well as long as 'nanoscale magnetic beads' are involved it must be okay.

Help Wanted:
Person needed who really knows their S#it.

Suggested for further reading:

" Free to Pee, You and Me "
" Our Toilets, Ourselves "
" Streams from My Father "

Oh Crap!

Seems like a smart move, just the billions alone that the USG saves from not having to constantly send probes to Uranus will pay for itself.

So I guess this means I'd better stop flushing my stash down the toilet when the cops are at the front door. This is really going to cramp my style.

@- Clankie also by the same author: "Antlers in the treetops Or goosed the moose?"

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