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October 09, 2022


People Are Preserving Dead Relatives' Tattoos and Turning Them Into Art

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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What is Art collecting them for?

Young man to prom date: " Who's the stuffed old guy in the front hall ? "

A nice tasteful bud vase could be fashioned from a sugar-encrusted prolapsed rectum. If it's tattooed, all the better.

So some sick bastard will soon be turning a tatto of rings around Uranus into a dart board?

Decades ago, when I was teaching environmental education, I had to get state licenses for the practices of mammalogy and taxidermy, so I have some idea of what is involved here. Unless funeral directors are hunters, they probably do not have much skinning experience. I suspect many will not do a very good job.

Yeah, but do the relatives have any skin in the game?

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