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October 28, 2022


Just How Big Is America's 'Strategic Cheese Reserve'?

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Apparently it's 1.5 billion pounds, which I'm guessing is about a 30 day supply?

Just lower the price of cheese in the stores.

So why is there a cheese reserve? Is there a chocolate reserve? A coffee reserve? A strawberry reserve? What about a beer reserve?

Who manages the cheese reserve? Is it the "Big Cheese" we hear about periodically?

Yet another item in my hometown‘s claim to fame…


Last year we were warned of a drop in the cheese reserve and they raised prices.
This year, inflation/global warming/pandemic supply chain issues raised prices again, but on everything.
Looking at the YOY graph, we have steadied the total reserve (we were able to lose in 2021 without significant effect).
I agree with @Mike Smith that they can lower the price of cheese, but also its key ingredient, milk. It's gone up $2/gallon. Come on.

Why, it's so much government cheese that you can't store it in your van livin' down by the river!

It makes my heart sing to know that excess cheese is handled not dissimilarly to nuclear waste.

Just another one of my hometown, Springfield, MO's claim to fame:


Just another one of many claims to fame of my hometown, Springfield Missouri

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