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October 29, 2022


This blog is in Minnesota to visit relatives of Mrs. Blog before they are buried under the glacier. We were driving around and remarking on the fact that, compared to Miami, where Halloween is HUGE, there were hardly any Halloween decorations in people's yards.

Then we went to the quaint little river town of Stillwater. And whoa.


DB haunted house Haunted house Haunted house people Haunted house smoke


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Come to Brooklyn. Every block in Bay Ridge looks like that.

It only looks like that before an election.

One of the ornaments looks JUST like you, Dave!

Chaos is occurring just north of you.

I have been to Minnesota, just south of the border, where we were told the entire town shut down in the winter until people came back and reopened in the Spring. Glaciers.

Came here to say the same thing, cfjk! Incredibly life-like!

According to the local news, it's Anoka (some iles west of Stillwater, but within driving distance) that's really big on Halloween.

Hello. It's my dream to visit USA and become a part of this increadible holiday calls Halloween

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