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October 28, 2022


California's cannabis-growing nuns pray for profits

(Thanks to GJ and Michael Parry)

Possibly Related: Pope urges priests and nuns to delete porn from their phones

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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The Lord works in mysterious ways.

But laptops and tablets are OK.

In regards to the porn on their phones, they probably just heard someone saying "Oh God!" multiple times and thought it was a prayer group.

"Sisters of the Valley," better known as the Weed Nuns don't quite fit the bill, but Jeff Healey (seated in the chair) would never know the difference.

Weed Nuns with Priestly Heart opened for Fleetwood Mac featuring Stevie 'Vice' Nicks with special quest appearance by Pontificate all the way from Arkansas.

*Some facts are sketchy. Please feel free to add any facts that have not been covered.

Surprised the Pope's advisors didn't discourage him in his statement against priests and nuns viewing porn from using the phrase "so you won’t have the temptation in hand"

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