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September 28, 2022


Parcel thieves fought back against a Texas couple who tricked them into stealing dirty diapers by spraying their house with cow manure.

(Thanks to Emily, Leslie and w)


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With an obviously ample supply of dirty diapers, they'd never notice the smell of the cow manure.

'thieves retaliate with cow dung,

When I read this I remembered I am awaiting a package to be delivered by Cow Dung. Then I went back and checked.

" There are feces I remember..." ♪♫

On the plus side, if they'd just redirect their efforts they could very likely get a job with amazon prime or ups or fedex, or usps.

Get. A. Rope.

@cfjk - it is amazing, isn't it, the lengths to which thieves will go to avoid honest work. They are not lazy - they work hard to plan and steal.

Oh Crap!

So. . .the thieves got revenge for being punished for their wrongdoing?

Hmmmm.I didn't think anyone was dumb enough to fall for the "Dirty Diaper" ploy.

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