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September 26, 2022


Gathering of 372 Nigels eases fears of mass ‘Nige’ extinction

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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These guys should do a remake of the Captain Morgan commercial.




Was Nigel Tufnel there with his 18-inch Stonehenge?

Maybe not mass extinction, but the fact that most of the world's Nige's were available for this event doesn't speak well of their reproductive success.

They should probably be darted, tagged and placed in zoos where their numbers can multiply.

I just realized that through some gross oversight nobody has formalized a group noun for Nigels. Therefore it falls to us, or initially, me. I propose we refer to such a gathering as a Noogie of Nigels.

But did their amplifiers go up to eleven?

There MUST have been have been a corn-hole tournament at the gathering.

pride of lions
murder of crows
flock of elephants
noogie of Nigels

This reminds me of the late Don Imus, who would fret over the dwindling population of Naugas, used to make Naugahyde.

Look it up if you don't get the joke.

My Dad wanted to name me, Laymen Lavette. My mom said, "are you nuts!"

Evil M - I had plans to start a Nauga ranch when I retired, but the Nauga market has been declining for years.

What's the correct pronunciation of this hurricane blasting Florida???

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