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September 20, 2022


‘Aggressive’ turkeys take over neighbourhood and ‘keep residents trapped in their homes’

(Thanks to Annette)


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In Woburn, wild turkey hunting season starts on October 3rd. Prior to that, one would have to make it look like an accident, or an overdose or some such.

I saw Aggressive Turkeys open for the Byrds. I believe Alfred Hitchcock was the show promoter.

Wasn't Aggressive Turkeys a Disco band?

Aggressive turkeys often find work as insurance salesmen

Fukurokuju recently contacted officials in Woburn inquiring about their chances of acquiring Kevin writing, “we have a massive demand for big cock. Let us know if you can assist in handling it?”

This is nothing compared to aggressive peacocks.

Canadian Thanksgiving is October 10th this year, so if you have any Canadian cousins offer them a free box of bread stuffing if they come and get the turkey of their choosing.

Perhaps the locals are letting them get used to this until slightly before Thanksgiving?

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