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September 28, 2022


The purple M&M is here, but not the way you might think

(Thanks to Steve K., who says "I've always hoped I'd live long enough.")


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Well at least she's not a Hershey Kiss identifying as an M&M peanut.


The fine folks who make M&Ms may be surprised to know this but, when I eat these it's usually by the handful, all at one time, and I never stop and reflect on the candy's personality. I'm usually just thinking about how many I can get in my mouth and then looking for the ones who didn't make it and ended up in my lap. I try to find them before they melt.

By Danielle Wiener-Bronner

I heard Purple M&M is going to be the new permanent host of Jeopardy.

I can't afford them.

Purple M&M's? The colors of a candy? That's what people are outraged about?

I, for one, am still outraged they took Pluto off the planet list.

Bill, I agree completely. A crime against science.

Bill in Seminole, I feel your pain.

No matter what type of personalities they give these m&m characters, I’m still going to crush their chocolaty heads between my mightly molars, let their delicious melted brains run down the back of my throat and smile while I do it. All while keeping my murderous hands shiny clean.

If they had used a cashew instead of a peanut it would look like an eggplant.

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