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September 28, 2022


Red squirrel shuts down Scottish bakery for two days

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Decades ago I traveled with a friend to his hometown in the Ozarks. We had our shotguns and were planning to go hunting. When we arrived at his grandparents house I asked my friend's grandfather, "are there a lot of squirrels around here?"

I can still picture the old man's head turning in my direction, reluctantly making concealed eye contact as if to say, "I can point out a few," then saying nothing. The implication was understood.

So Red Squirrel is a brand of single malt scotch, one would assume?

"a protected red squirrel"...so now they run a protection racket?

I always knew that Scottish baked goods were kind of squirrely.

So just another indignity we're forced to encounter as a result of supply line issues, a scone shortage?

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