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September 26, 2022


A British soldier who was captured while fighting in Ukraine has revealed how he was forced by the Russians to listen to ABBA and Cher on repeat while a prisoner.

(Thanks to David Snoke, who says “at least it wasn’t ‘Copacabana’”)


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It was good enough for Matt Damon.

Question: was it the show of MAMMA MIA or the movie soundtrack, because if the latter, that was against the Geneva Conventions.

I like ABBA, but if I had to listen to "Believe" more than once I would defect on Day 1. That really IS torture.

Goldfinger knows how to get you to confess.

My neighbor next door at the office is from New Zealand. Over the many years we have had many discussions about most everything. We're friends. I've found New Zealanders are basically funny talking squirrels who would clop off your nuts should you threaten them then store them down under a large tree in their yard.

*Once while out walking a car stopped on the street, a guy got out and told my neighbor to hand over his wallet. My neighbor said in a funny sounding tone something to the effect of, "I'm not giving you my wallet and I will kill you and cut off you nuts if you don't leave now."

In the Russians defense, it would have been MUCH worse if they were played on a garmoshka.

I guess the Russians haven't discovered Terry Jacks and SEASONS IN THE SUN.

Just looked it up. This is a clear violation of the Geneva Convention.

I didn't know Cher sang Abba songs.

*SMACKS* LeDud. Never mention Terry Jacks and that song.

nursecindy is The Enforcer

It's also not a good idea to mention Michael Murphey and his pony he named Wildfire...

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