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September 02, 2022


They appear to be working again. The problem turned out to be pixellation in the deconfragulation module overclock repatriation valve. We are kicking ourselves for not thinking of this sooner.

But seriously, we have no idea what was wrong, but we DO know who fixed it: judi. Actually she contacted a person named Bert, and HE fixed it. We thank them both, and have rehired judi. We would also rehire Bert, but we don't think he works for us. He is like Batman: He appears just when you need him most, and then he is gone.

Anyway, the comment section is all yours, crazy people.


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And all this time I was blaming sunspots (but the sunspots do account for all the crazy people).

So the only question is which idiot installed the dmor valve upside down, or was it intentional saboutage?

Did I miss something?

Bert is a special guy.

Better tell Judy to keep the Bert signal handy.

Are you (or judi) sure it was the dmor valve or was it a renegade flux capacitor. Or maybe a faulty turbo encabulator.

Ask Bert if he know if knows how the sway bar on my CRV came loose.

So this was the conversation when I picked up the CRV, under extended warranty, the other day after they had tightened the sway bar. With a wrench.

"So, we have the extended warranty isn't the sway bar part of the chassis which would be covered under the extended warranty? '

"Yes, we just tightened the sway bar which was loose. *with a wrench* had we replaced the sway bar it would have been covered and you would pay nothing, but today you have to pay the $165.00." *includes the use of the wrench

"I'st Ok, thanks so much for all your help, I really appreciate it, but the next time I buy a car it won't be from here."

For interested parties, here's an informational video on the product.


Dang it, sco77 beat me to it!

Dinner dinner dinner dinner Bertman!

If Bert is like Batman, I wonder if uses the 'batroom?

…and there was much rejoicing!

Hey, judi, you keep the payments coming and I'll keep the bot busy uploading the Oxford Unabridged English Dictionary in response to old posts. Bert says hi.

No comment.

Forget Bert, hire his partner, Ernie.

At least it wasn't the gonkulator.
That could've been real trouble.

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