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September 30, 2022


Newlyweds charge guest £3.66 for eating extra slice of cake after reviewing CCTV footage

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Anyone who begins a text or conversation with, "Hey, so .." doesn't deserve to be communicated with. The cost of a friendship: £3.66 (US$4.08). How petty.

Did they get any footage of the bride picking up grains of rice outside the venue on her hands and knees?

I bet they could get a mint for the bouquet from the lady who caught it !

From now on, he will negotiate an appearance fee for showing up at the wedding, as well as a royalty every time his image is shown in replays of the video recording.

Must have been pound cake.

As soon as I was asked to pay my share for the cake, I would have RSVPed "not attending." Problem solved.


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