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September 26, 2022


New Jersey man is caught making daily visits to PEE on grave of ex-wife he divorced 48 years ago

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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One could surmise that he's been full of piss and vinegar.

It may be a fond remembrance of one of the kinkier aspects of their former relationship.

Was his ex-wife a telemarketer?

Brings to mind the old story about the chap who promised his pal that when he dies, he'll pour a pint of fine whiskey on his grave every Sunday, which on his friends passing he did religiously only neglecting to tell his buddy of it's being filtered through his kidneys first.

I don't think that's what they meant when they told him to "just let it go".

I suppose he’s not a Yankees fan.

I wonder if he'll be buried next to her. It would cut down on travel expenses.


'I can't get my wife to go out to dinner but this guy gets his wife to go along with him to desecrate my mom's remains every morning!' Murphy said angrily.

Sounds like there's deeper issues at stake here.

But if she was on fire, he'd pee the other way.

She's living rent free inside his head long after death.

Congratulations, New Jersey man! You made it onto Eyewitness News tonight.

It's a touching story that he still urines for his ex-wife.

When I was going through my divorce, my ex’s divorce lawyer lived about a half a block away from me. I had a rather large Australian Shepherd that I used to take on morning walks. For some strange reason he chose one particular lawn on which to relieve himself. Guess which lawn?

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