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September 21, 2022


Deodorant, Ramen, SPAM: Unexpected Products Join Pumpkin Spice Craze

(Thanks to Alan Dean, who says "SPAM?")


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Eisenhower tried to warn us about the pumpkin spice industrial complex. But did we listen?

Pumpkin spice "deodorant" seems like a non-sequitur to me. Using it may also be a hanging offense in Texas.

So what! I get lots of pumpkin spice spam in my inbox this time of year anyway.

nursecindy joins me in condemning anything with the words "pumpkin spice" in it as an abomination.


I agree with Ralph!
Look at this! It really is getting out of hand.

Deodorant, ramen and spam, it appears this year's pumpkim pie recipes have taken a turn for the worse.

Wouldn't Ramen just smell like BO anyway?

"He who controls the pumpkin spice controls the universe!"

Well, I'm HAPPY for Pumpkin Spice deodorant. My present deodorant isn't flavorful enough.

"Pumpkin spice is not a hill to die on. Research backs that up."

What research????

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