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September 29, 2022


Trailer filled with hundreds of pounds of bat droppings stolen from Lincoln business

(Thanks to Steve Bradford) 


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.. soon to be loaded into an AI-powered gigantic Super Soaker for would-be porch thieves.

Paging Colonel 'Bat' Guano.
(reference to Dr. Strangelove)

Commissioner Gordon better light up the Batpoop signal.

Why that thief would have to be bat shit crazy!!!

I had the same thought JG. And don't forget his "precious" bodily fluids.

So the porch pirates have moved on to trailer hijackings?

I want to say "they won't get far without..." but I'm drawing a blank

When apprehended and sentenced castrate them and give them an extra long life sentence. And don't be gentle in doing so.

Match Game contest:

Robin: "Holy __________, Batman!"

@keith: clothespins for their noses?
@wanderer: here you go (not as good as Dr. McCoy, IMO)

We're gonna need a lot more paper towels and 409 cleaner.

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