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September 27, 2022


We're getting a LOT of rain in Miami, but the worst of Ian appears to be headed for the Tampa-St. Pete area. We hope the folks up there get through it OK. And we urge everyone to heed the words of Walter the Weather Oosik, who reminds you to make sure you have enough emergency supplies on hand to last until you pass out.



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There doesn't appear to be any shrinkage.

Where are the lentils? Don't tell us you ate them already!

As far as, er, holding up its end, note that Florida Man is of no use.

Music. Alternative Ian tune reflecting on the long journey and hardships along the way maturing from a summer drizzle to a raging full impact, claw-digging full blown shanknado. I made the last part up.

I am glued to the Weather Channel, waiting to see Stephanie Abrams wet t-shirt reporting from Tampa while I'm hunkering down near Fort Myers.

Hang on, Slurpy .. Slurpy, hang on.

I have an aunt and uncle who live in Jacksonville, FL. I sent her your very helpful article on how to prepare for a hurricane. She has the lentils, appropriate beverages, and plenty of cat food because, according to my late father, she feeds every cat in that part of Florida. She cut our conversation short because she and my uncle were going to join the neighbors outside. They were all going to blow very hard so Ian would hopefully go a little farther west.

A little hurricane meme dump for the lighter side.

There was an article in the New York newspaper this morning about how to prepare, and it actually showed this guy throwing his lawn furniture into the (FULL) swimming pool.


Good luck, Floridians.

Experienced preppers use these times to stock up on discounted sunscreen.

Jeff -- I have lived in South Florida for 36 years, and I have never been aware of anybody throwing furniture into the pool.

At least empty the pool first!

Dave and Jeff - You don't know my brother.

Is it E-un or Ene?

I just listened to the weather for Florida. Lots of people are evacuating. So I hope all is well for you and your family

Storm story follows. Living in the Midwest on a farm near Kansas as s child my mother saw many tornados, the one like in the Wizard of Oz. She was terrified, petrified, panic mode adrenaline overload when a large storm (tornado) was present. I still remember the fear in her eyes when she would say to me, "come on run next door to the basement, hurry!" I would say, "why," the just stand there as she gathered herself, heat racing and headed for all she was worth for the neighbor's basement to take shelter.

So, one this one particular occasion, a tornado was in the area. Wind was blowing hard and rain was pouring down. Lightning was everywhere. Of course, my Mom had taken shelter in the neighbor's basement early one but not before saying to me, "hurry take shelter in the basement." I just stood there watching here spin around like Dorothy lying in bed inside the house in Kansas when the storm came.

Soon myself, my next door neighbor neighbor and his father and a kid from down the street were sitting on the front porch as the wind began to pick up and the rain began to pour even more. My friend's father, always wearing a neatly place baseball cap, was drinking can after can of Schlitz. he said, "I ain't scared of noeging storm, ket it come." About that time a huge bolt of lightning tore into a tree in my yard about 40 feet away and split in like a toothpick. Crack! Crash! Bright light! A lightning bot had hit the tree an destroyed it right in front of his. Jerry, flew up from his chair, no sure which way his can of Shlitz went, but he darted for the back of the house, ran down the stair and into the basement with the women. All of us kids followed. Jerry had sobered up instantly and said something like, "damn we are lucky we weren't killed."

My storm story.

This has never been mentioned on the news, but if I recall correctly, only Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties have hurricane building codes. I was passing through Orlando sever years ago and saw a residential apartment building being built completely out of wood. Stick houses don't survive hurricanes very well.

On the bright side, it looks like Ian is going right through The Villages.

Out here on the Best Coast, we are two weeks away from the "Santa Ana" winds. The original settlers to this area once wrote that "When the winds blow, people go insane", which means the winds blow pretty much all year.

Except our winds start around 65 mph, with gusts up to 116 or so. Oh, it's also 80 degrees when this is happening. You Florida folks would call this a "Class 3 hurricane".
To us, we call it "Wednesday".

Good luck, Florida!

Fort Myers is now in the cross hairs of Ian. Thankfully, I live in evacuation zone "D" and very unlikely to be impacted. Tornados are the big concern overnight as they have been popping up around me. The big story will be the 12-feet of storm surge tomorrow and Thursday. The Weather Channel is moving some of their reporters here from Tampa as Jim Cantore was seen having dinner in a Punta Gorda restaurant tonight. I may need to bum some sponges from Elaine Benes.

Wait, is that a... what is that??

Throwing certain types of lawn furniture in the pool is a time-tested way of keeping it from blowing away. Usually doesn't sink, so just kinds of bobs along while the wind howls, and thus keeps it from blowing down the street. Easier than bringing it into the house. Makes sense if you think about it.

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