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September 02, 2022


September is when you're most likely to be sent to hospital by a moose in northern B.C., study finds

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Pinch me, ha ha, working people.

Comments are open just in time! We are from Canada! Help!

I have waited to make this comment,

The last member of an isolated Brazilian tribe has died. To give you an idea of how primitive this man was, he still had a flip phone

Apparently the cloning and multiple firings of Judi had results.

I also ha this comment waiting in the wings for days.

I'd like to think that all the flooding in Pakistan was caused by a suicide plumber.

Dave: What did you do to get the comments working again? I am sure that my crossed fingers played a role.

Yay! It's working!

Unplugging the comments then plugging them back in took a while to kick in.

I was going to suggest turning the Internet off and then back on again.

Has anyone else noticed that whenever they turn CERN on the comments go out?

I was certain the deep state was censoring us, dangerous renegades that we are.

Good job, now turn your attention to all those blurry Nessie/Bigfoot/UFO photos.

If Canada is issuing admitting privileges to moose, their healthcare system isn't as great as I thought.

What happens in northern BC, stays in northern BC.

Safety will be restored, moose-wise, on October 1.

Easy to stop a charging moose. Take away his credit card.

A moose bit my sister... but she didn't go to the hospital.

October Fest never ends will in the great white north.

Baja, California is a hotbed of known moose activity.

So is moose knuckle more like tennis elbow or mistletoe?

I wonder how the moose know where the hospital is?

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