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September 22, 2022


As detailed in a Wildwood Police Department arrest report, the Schell family had “ordered Chinese food but the takeout containers were not labeled,” which upset Schell since he did not know “which container of food was his.”

Schell’s son, police reported, said that he argued with his father and sister over the Chinese food “due to the fact that the victim had eaten [his father’s] food unknowingly.”

(Thanks to Al Barkafski)


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That's looks like twice eaten pork to me.

His daughter Atlantis?

"Way down, below the ocean...".

That sound you hear is the Salt Lake City Symphony Sewer Orchestra playing " Cry Me a River ".

They're giving Flathead county a run for their money...

There were hidden feelings smoldering over the disappearance of that last packet of duck sauce a few weeks ago.

Hey, if you can't choke a family member over Szechuan chicken, what can you choke them over?

You would never see this happen with Buffy, Jodi, Mr. French and Uncle Bill.

Well wars have started out for less.

If it wasn't delivered in a large metal shipping container chances are it didn't really come from China, anyway.

Looks like someone didn't get their "flung dung".

I know it's all Americanized, but if you can't tell the beef chop suey from the General Tso's chicken, you've got other problems.

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