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September 28, 2022


Ontario driver busted with insecure load of carrots

(Thanks to Ralph)

We believe Insecure Load of Carrots opened for Strawberry Alarm Clock.


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Well, some of the carrots are bent, but the entire load shouldn’t feel insecure.

So is the therapy charged out at the unit or by the pound in their healthcare system?

I see way too many ads on TV showing bent carrots, and if the ads do anything they contribute to a lot of male insecurities.

Da, what's up Doc, that's a lot of carrots.

Daffy Duck finally gets the upper hand.

Nothing worse than driving along the expressway and getting hit by a carrot.

I saw the Insecure Carrots open for Carrot Top a long time ago. It was NOT a heckuva show.

If you think insecure carrots are a problem wait until you start listening to broccoli.

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