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September 27, 2022


Keep your mouth closed while you sleep. Trust us, you don’t want to know why.

(Thanks to Rick Day and Matt Filar)


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For whom the Belle doles…

@Ernest - groan (good one)

"Paramedics prescribed her painkillers for her stomach cramps and instructed her to drink lots of water to flush out any potential infection."

A doggie with projectile diarrhea hit this woman's mouth and .. their best medical advice was, 'Take Tylenol Extra Strength and that'll sort you right out, ma'am' .. SERIOUSLY? Had they not learned about bacteria, sublingual absorption ..?

I can't wait to hear what nursecindy and Ralph have to say about this.

A little something just for you from your loving pet

Still better than in your purse.

The expression on the dog's face says, "I can't believe I'm still alive. I got away with this!"

First of all, paramedics cannot prescribe medication. (I just wanted to get that off my chest.)

Not so long ago I had three Chihuahuas! One of them was an absolute angel. The other thought he was a Doberman, and the other was always looking for a new place to pee. It is almost impossible to house train a Chihuahua which is why they all had their own beds that were not located in my bedroom.

MOTW: The article doesn't have all the details, but it seems that the initial complaint was cramping caused by dehydration. Only some (advanced) paramedics in the UK can prescribe antibiotics, and the diarrhea was already flushing out the dog bacteria. I suspect they told the patient to see a doctor.

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