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August 03, 2022


Pig organs partially revived hour after death

(Thanks to Steve Bradford)


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Zombie pigs! Zompigs?

The revived pig was left with a speech impediment, but rumor has it he just signed a big acting deal with Warner Bros.

Then they gassed them out of their misery by putting them in a British man's trainers.

I've heard that the strings in guitars & violins are made of catgut, but as it turns out that isn't true. They're made from mostly cows & lambs. I know pianos use metal wires, but organs are basically air forced through an orifice, which I guess would imply that a pig organ is made from a series of swinettes?

Until the Resurrection.

Partially revived, so only half-dead? Talk about having one foot in the grave.

Might want to make sure that bacon you are eating is past its 'revive by' date.

As long as the half-resurrected parts were not then flown via airmail. We wouldn't want half-resurrected flying pigs.

Endless bacon.

I wonder if the organs were Hammond or Wurlitzer?

Zombie-Pig, Zombie-Pig,
Does whatever a Zombie-Pig does.
Can he walk in the farmyard?
No, he can't, just partially,
Look out, he is a Zombie-Pig!

Not if you cook them right.

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