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August 16, 2022


Someone Gave A Snake Robot Legs

(Thanks to Ralph, pharmaross and kenzen in Oregon) 

This is the thanks we get: Snake causes power outage in Horry County

(Thanks to pharmaross) 


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It seems appropriate for snakes to be popping up and attracted to a Horry County.

I thought most of the Horry Counties were in Nevada. South Carolina must be one pimping state along with Idaho.

I made swim fins for my cats, and they use them totally voluntarily too.

That's not snake legs, that's just a sort of car for it. Lord help us if the snakes ever get flying ones.

On the plus side, that's not a real snake.

In the snake's defense, it wasn't in the toilet, but that's still pretty creepy.

Speaking as a pretend marine biologist, that looks a lot like the kind of creature one might encounter next to a decomposing whale in the tidal zone.

It looks more like somebody gave Siamese lobsters the body of a snake.

I'm just glad that some injured snakes will get the chance to lead a normal life. All they need now is some kind of mechanical device to suffocate their prey for them.


No. Just No.

Alan Pan reminds me of, well here. See what I mean. Nimrod.

Snakes with legs haven't been a good idea since the Garden of Eden.

Notice how they fuzzed out the close-up of the snake's dick(s)? Aren't you grateful that someone is looking out to protect your virtue?

You can get your Horry County property tax reduced, but you don't want to know how.

Thulsa Doom shows how snakes lost their legs.


Total snork @ChrisinVa!

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