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August 05, 2022


The slow-loading issue seems to be fixed. The problem appears to have been caused by mayonnaise in the carburetor. Judi has been rehired on a probationary basis.


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Should have told them to hold the mayo.

Wellll.... ok, but no time off and she can't use the executive washroom.

An important message from Associate Professor, Computer Science, and Graduate Program Director, Computer Science, the person thought to be directly responsible for fixing the Blog.

I blame the squirrels.

Better give that computer tech a call and let him know, no hurry, He is no longer needed the problem has been resolved. Maybe you can catch him before He drives all the way over there.

...and there was much rejoicing.

Dave you must be exhausted after working on this problem all day! You should sit back, relax, and have a nice cold beer.

dammit judi

NEVER substitute mayonnaise when the design requirement specifically states: "For use with aioli ONLY" Next time don't be so cheap Dave, and go with the hybrid.

Replace the Tootsie Rolls that go in the mayonnaise chamber as the rotors turn.

If that doesn’t work, put a piece of black electrical tape over the red light on the blogsite’s dashboard and hope that it gets better.

Where is MacGyver when you need him?

Thankfully the Omega-13 was successfully deployed.

We will assume you already ran a background check on Judi.

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