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August 03, 2022


People who use fun and wit tend to be narcissists – while those who opt for irony, sarcasm and cynicism are more likely to be PSYCHOPATHS, study reveals

(Thanks to Roberto)


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Since I consider myself to be a Pschocissist, thankfully, I fall into NEITHER of those categories.

I don't mean to sound dissociative, but this explains why the presence of two or more people talking and living inside my head find it funny one is possessed by the other.

Well, that's just crazy.

A REAL scientist should know that it's never wise to irritate a psychopath. They just might have you for dinner some evening.

These people are nuts.

What does that leave, humor-wise? Wipe that smile off your face, partner, or we'll slap you with a derogatory disorder label.

Do not tell my partner this.

That's nuts. I don't even like fava beans or chianti.

So its best to be dull, boring, and stupid ?

Possibly the subject of Dave's next tome titled "Wait, that's not funny?"

What about people who enjoy witty sarcasm? Asking for a friend.

Oh, yeah. I'm sure that's REAL accurate.

When I worked in mental hospitals, we never told a psychopath they were a psychopath. It upsets them.

Are YOU upset?

Oh this is just GREAT...

So sullen, dour, and miserable makes you a wonderful person...who nobody wants to be around???

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