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August 16, 2022


The 10,000th hellbender is released into Missouri river. Watch ‘snot otter’ swim away


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Samuel L. Jackson already has the movie version in production: "Snot Otters on a Boat"

I invented, "It snot you it's me!"

Thousands more hellbenders gather and then stream away...

tune of Chiffon margarine jingle
If you think it's otter .. but it's snot ..

Mr. Snot Otter to his children "When I saw her big mouth and strong jaw, I knew she was the girl for me."

Hellbender no, that snot right, they really otter know better.

"Hellbender" sounds like a party you regret the next day.

The Bender family of serial killers ran an inn on the Osage Trail of Kansas back in the 1870's. Travelers with money checked in, but they never checked out. The law later dug up 19 bodies buried under apple trees. The family disappeared without a trace. They were later called the Hell Benders or the Bloody Benders. Books and movies have been written about them.
There are rumors they had a pond. Maybe they raised the first Hellbender salamanders?

@Le Pet - were you perhaps thinking of McMurty's Berrybenders? "https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tTP1TdITsoxMjNg9JLOTc4tLSopqlRISi0qqkxKzUtJLVIoTi3KTC0GAAseDiA&q=mcmurtry+berrybender+series&rlz=1C1SFXN_enUS499US517&oq=mcmurtry+berybenders&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j46i13.17154j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8"?

pogo---The story of the Bender family is terribly true. Larry McMurtry certainly did write some great Western Fiction, however.


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