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August 08, 2022


Texas barbecue restaurant manager says thief stole almost $3K worth of brisket

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Get a rope!

A friend at church recently had a baby. Since neither he nor Mr. MOTW smoke cigars, Mr. MOTW thoughtfully smoked a brisket to celebrate. That, along with homemade peach cobbler, will be a grand celebration.

The latest trend around here, in trend setting California, is to steal a car while the person is filling up with gas. Pure genius criminally speaking. Especially if you can quickly turn a new Jaguar F-Type on the street or chop it down into much in demand parts.

Somebody is gonna need a lot more dry rub.

$3000! That is almost 10 pounds!

Is he sure because it really shrinks a LOT when you smoke it?

Did he try to marinate it in the pool?

Eat mor chiken.

Many moons ago, I was invited to be a judge in a large annual chili and brisket cook-off in a small, historic, South Texas town. It was a 'memorable' event. It was also a godsend that we judges never knew any of the ingredients.

We said later on that the circling buzzards spiraling to the ground after flying through cooker smoke should have been a clue. Numbered small white paper cups containing brisket were the first. A few of the cups should have spontaneously combusted, but unfortunately didn't. We had free beer for judging the contests, which let us survive. A few brisket samples were really good. We'll forget the rest.

The chili contest would have challenged a Navy SEAL, but we managed, with the help of beer, to persevere. As one of the other judges commented when we staggered out of the tent, "Aside from THAT, Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?"

I always thought that a bar-b-q was a line of people waiting to buy Barbie dolls.

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