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August 26, 2022


The search may be over.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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If it happened twice, would it be considered a double-header?


I thought MLB was cracking down on spit-balls?

In his defense, he was on his honeymoon and the new bride was still asleep back at the motel.

Not that familiar with the rules, but pretty sure that's not considerd a home run. Wouldn't it be more of an inside the park ground rules triple? As an aside, she may be a candiate (based on her ball handling skills) for MVP.

That's just the bullpen extension.

He's getting warmed up to come in as a late inning reliever with his high hard one.

He's gotten ahead in the count and really digging in with two balls on him.

It's a game of inches... at least 6 from what we can see.

With the bags loaded, he wants to go deep.

If they were in the box seats near the infield, the Umps would call an infield fly rule.

Had this been a Tigers' game, nobody would have been there to see it even it were shown on the Jumbotron.

They blew their lead, with two out, and one one.

Time to rename the Kiss-Cam

Historical significance.

I thought Phil Rizzuto already covered this in that Meat Loaf song.

The only thing that gets fans up at an A’s game.

I have always said that if you go to a baseball game, you would have an outing and an inning at the same time.

I wish there was a warning

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Can the FEZIBO desk be modified so that I can take discretionary naps underneath it without being seen?

Is the FEZIBO standing desk sturdy enough to support sex on top of the desk with the cleaning woman?

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