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August 05, 2022


Look no further.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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And if you rub it real hard, it turns into a canoe.

Made from recycled sex toys. What a great idea!
I'll just stick with my regular planet killing Crocs.

They also make a Crocs look alike slip-on out of recycled sex toys.

Bet you can't guess what they are called???

So walk softly, & carry a big stick & do they come in sizes suitable for a gerbil?

I see people every day wearing the most ridiculous looking shoes out in public. The other day a very attractive young woman came to her appointment wearing fuzzy bedroom slippers which made her double attractive.

Keep it in your sneaker.

Fashion slippers for the discriminating Star Wars, storm trooper.

You should be arrested for buying those slippers.

Key point: "unused." Because you wouldn't want something slippery on your feet.

Since they are made out of used, discarded sex toys, they really shouldn't be worn on rainy days or else you could go:

"Slip slidin' away
You'll never get to your destination
When you're slip slidin' away
Don't risk going
Slip slidin' away

This is fitting, because women might need a toy if their man is less than a foot...ahem.

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