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August 09, 2022


South Korean video ad criticized for 'sexually objectifying' garlic

(Thanks to Carlos Montage)


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I really don't have a worthwhile comment except to ask, Korean Peasants League and the Korean Women Peasants Association, which is it?

I guess that explains why garlic usually has to endure such rough treatment.

I have a friend who currently has received his order and has a mail order bride, actually an internet order bride from Asia. I recently saw him when He performed a root canal on one of my American born upper second molars. His 'first class bride', whom I met at the occasion assisted him during the procedure. He looks good and is exceptionally great at doing root canals on American born molars and, for the record, is three times the age of his bride at 70 years. The guy is a work horse. The wife is good looking and showed concern I was comfortable during the procedure. She talked in a foreign language, but I could tell, she was concerned about me. Sometimes I feel my life is all about taking chances. I pretty much live my life very much like these guys, but much more dangerously, explained in song here.

If it's hot you want, get you some horseradish.

Nice bulbs!

Look for a new Netflix series based on Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. The working title: "Attack of the Perverted Garlics."

I just chopped some garlic for some fried beans. I feel unclean.

I have stories from my time in the Army about Korea and garlic, but they’re too filthy for a family friendly blog like this.

If they only knew.

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