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August 13, 2022


Man's Penis Held Ransom For £700 By Hackers Who Accessed His Digital Chastity Belt

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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If I may quote nursecindy:


How much is that by the inch?

There are predictions that the Earth's decreasing magnetic field, coupled with increased solar activity will have a significant & negative impact on brain function. Those predictions also foretell of electrical devices erupting into flames during some of the more significant events. Long story short, they may have inadvertently done him a big (relatively speaking) favor.

Reading this story makes me feel like Rip Van Wrinkle. I’m so confused!

Paging Chastity Bono.

This story reminds me of a tale of King Arthur. Before the King went on his most dangerous crusade, he locked Lady Guinevere in a chastity belt and entrusted the key to his most trusted knight, Lancelot.

The day King Arthur rode out with his army, they were still in site of the castle when Lancelot came riding up in full gallop. "Sire," he breathlessly said to King Arthur, "You left the wrong key!"

A riveting chastity belt scene...

Another good example of where analog is superior to digital

On the plus side, at least he wasn't wearing a pair of those blue-tooth electric shock dog collars as garter belts or those hackers would really be ringing his chimes.

That seems perfectly normal to me.

"A stranger coming into that world that's supposed to be just you and you and your partner, or you and someone else." .. and you ..

Sounds like Oprah.

"But when it's a digital thing like that, it should have a key or something. But it obviously didn't."

Apparently unclear on the concept of "digital." Next he'll be saying that cellphones ought to have a curly cord connecting them to a wall socket to prevent signal interference.

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