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August 16, 2022


Cows invade beach, take over sunbathing hot spots

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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COWabunga, girls!

I could make a comment that this isn't really worthy of a headline since working mothers regularly visit the beach anyway, but I won't.

“They can be quite ill-tempted (sic) sometimes. I don’t know if they’re exceptionally docile at the moment because of the weather.”

Is this person saying that in foul weather, the bovine become foul-tempered? My experience is they normally hunker under shelter or, having none, lay down until the storm passes.

Oh, and nursecindy before you dope-slap me for my previous comment:
I am including myself. (moo)

If you can't beat'em...

“It seemed a little dangerous to be honest.”

Especially when a Pride of lions showed up and ate a cow then ran down two sunbathers running for their lives and ripped them to pieces. "Ripped them to pieces" is used for dramatic effect. I'm good at creating drama. The leader of the Pride ate the cheeseburger that hit him in the back of the head.

McDonald's emergency cow removal vehicles have been dispatched.

They heard that sea cows are always well received at the shore and thought they'd give it a try. (Plus there are a lot of stories about whale penises back in the pasture.)

So it was a nude cow beach?

Most likely clothing optional, so pretty much udderly exposed, and certainly more tail than one might normally expect.

Peter Marshall: According to the new Book of Knowledge, the most important use for leather is what ..?

Paul Lynde: To hold animals together.


It's an udder covering optional beach.

The cows just sit there all day playing poker and smoking grass.

I guess the steaks are pretty high.

The police are going to give the rancher a ticket for a mooing violation and arrest the cows for disudderly conduct.

Is it just me, or are there two notes playing in the background?


The cows, much like the Allied Hordes of WWII, were able to invade the beach because, well,

they had guns.

Gary Larson would be proud.

Have you herd of cows?

The day would be perfect with a conert by.....wait....THE COWSILS !

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