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August 07, 2022


Meet the Kenyan presidential candidate campaigning on marijuana and hyena testicles

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He has a more solid platform than most US politicians.

Ya gotta have balls to promote hyena testicles.

"A bag of pot in every pot, and two hyena testicles in every garage!" Vote early & often.

He had me at hyena but lost me at testicles.

If you can't trust an ex-grave digger turned law professor and owner of large marijuana farms and hyena ranches, who in Kenya can you trust?

Nature can be cruel...

Not the first grass roots campaign that tried to grab Joe Six-pack by the short hairs and try to talk some sense into his fat lazy arse. That's why you always need a big fat club whenever you talk to a jackass, cuz first you need to get his attention.

There goes the hyena vote.

Brought to you by the New World Order. You're welcome.

I feel your pain!

Yes, due process. If they are found guilty, hang them by hemp fiber.

I think He said, "otherwise, toss them off a cliff."

Related foreign news.

Mrs man tom was laughing rather loudly. I asked what was so funny. She was watching a Youtube video from another country.

The guy suggests, "If you want to kill your wife, aim for the left nipple, that's the side her heart is on."

So the other says, "I aimed for the left nipple and she didn't die.

The guy says, "that's because her nipple is sagging down to her waist."

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