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August 12, 2022


Bear high on 'mad honey' rescued in Turkey

(Thanks to Ralph, Dave Vander Ark and Bob Brogan)


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Things aren't looking good for Goldilocks.

In his defense, it was for medicinal purposes.

That bear certainly doesn't look mad or even slightly upset.

There is a rumor that several governments are looking into introducing the mad honey ingredients into the public water supply to make people continually happy.

He got lost trying to find the Grateful Dead concert.

Le Pet, given some reports I saw today, in your neck of the desert, there is no water supply left to spike.

Rod--Yes, the Rio Grande is actually dry in sections. A friend claims even jackrabbits and lizards in these parts have started carrying canteens.

Soon some shyster will start selling powdered instant water. "Just add water, and PRESTO!" (Now admittedly, if they were selling powdered beer I'd probably want to try some.)

Talk about your irony, it seems like just yesterday we were reading about not only dysfunctional turkeys, but the cops were rescuing some turkey (high on only god knows what) from inside a bear.

@cfjk--Some years ago there were tourist traps selling dehydrated water (Empty cans) and also porcupine eggs which were cockleburs in a plastic box.

Le Petomane, there are to this day, still a large number of people who think that we're all gonna die from being submersed in vast quantities of Di-Hydrous Oxide.

The countdown to the first US 'mad honey' overdoses has begun, odds are Florida first!

Coscolo, we'll know it's here when dazed bears start washing up on Florida beaches.

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