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July 30, 2022


The internet thinks George Jetson would've been born this weekend

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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Does this make him the love child of some NY Jets player?

This is flawed news. George Jetson had a flying car. At the rate our technology is progressing, he would be too old to drive before we have those in common use.

Spacely Sprockets is already selling electric cars and putting people into space.

I think George's doctor was (will be?) a quack. Remember when George sprained a finger from a brutal day of button pushing? I can't imagine many doctors would suggest a 150-year life span for somebody who only pushes buttons all day.

The future ain’t what it used to be.

Has anybody thought to ask Siri & Alexa about this?

When you can cite 'the internet' as your source, life gets so much easier as a writer.

@Elaine Benes - I don’t think anyone on the New York Jets is named Montague.

@Mad Hatter - I dunno, but Montague Jetson sounds like the kind of a guy whose father may have owned a large southern plantation, back in the stars & bars days.

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