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July 30, 2022


Will time run backward if the Universe collapses?

(Thanks to Jim Kenaston)


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I'm gonna need a better watch.

How do we know this isn't time running backwards ?

If it was actually running backwards maybe I'd have enough sense not to marry my first wife.

Might this help explain a lot of those Tic-tok videos?

Laws of physics are generally considered stable except when warped by uncontrollable forces, such as tequila. Newtons laws of motion are generally considered reliable, but so are the fig bars he invented. Therefore, we should possibly save ourselves stomach trouble and high bar tabs by following the words of the well-known philosopher and singer, Willie Nelson, whose lyrics covered this subject:

"Time will take care of itself, so leave time alone."

I'm going to mount a clock under the strongest doorway in the house. I'll let you know if any thing happens later, or possibly earlier.

There's a classic Red Dwarf episode in which that does happen after the Big Crunch, and the main characters find themselves still living forward in time in an otherwise temporally reversed universe. It contains a hidden message for those of us who– um, er, I mean, those of them who took a nerdy extra step beyond watching it.

Mostly speculative BS. Laws of Physics-Hah. We can't even reconcile Einstein's equations with quantum mechanics.

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