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July 05, 2022


Deadly asteroid feared to be on collision course with Earth in 2052 will miss planet

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Good news for who? Of course it won't happen because the Sun will nova on October 16th 2046. What were they thinking?

The Roswell, New Mexico, space aliens who visit the Geeze Acres clubhouse, claim the object is not an asteroid. It is an Interstellar cargo vessel disguised to fool pirates. The space aliens say the vessel just gets close enough to teleport their cargo.

They claim a large shipment of a liquor called 'Tranya" was accidentally teleported to a lumber camp in Arizona over 50 years ago. A bottle was consumed by a human who had a strange reaction to it and went batshit crazy. This started a new safety program to prevent the loss of good booze shipments on those who can't handle their liquor.

I'll be 102.

Oh, sure, they say it will miss us but will it ever call?

Unbelievable! I send in story after story about potentially deadly asteroids and meteors, but Dave ignores the. But then someone with a penis sends one in and Dave publishes it.


@suzie: I, for one, cherish story after story about potentially deadly asteroids and meteors. They fit in well with my theories of interplanetary close encounters and past disasters that befell humanity. Keep them coming. We’ll make a convert out of Dave in due time, if we’re not annihilated first.

Did an asteroid hi the Georgia Guidestones?

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