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July 26, 2022


Millions of years ago, this blog -- then a young reporter for the Daily Local News in West Chester, Pa. -- covered a story (sort of a story, anyway) involving the late John Wayne. And without further ado, here it is


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This was more light than "Hearts That Are True," but still good.

Pretty amazing that you can read that article and tell the article was written by Dave. And not just because is byline is at the top.

*his byline is at the top.

must do better editoring with my keyboard thingie. And stuff. Verily.

So how late was he?

Such innocent times, such promising journalistic talent on the rise. And none of us even suspected John Wayne and those kids were burglarizing the Democratic party office at the Watergate Hotel late at night.

And of course, Dave swears he was not making this up.

Fun read, Dave. Thanks for posting it.

“You run your ranch and I’ll run mine,” said John Wayne."

A blog is kind of like a ranch, except it smells better.

Fifty years ago. Lets see that's 40 years plus ten. What a year it was. If you think about it, put it into perspective, 1972 was 50 years advanced from 1922 when Nobel Prizes were won by Physicist Niels Bohr for his work on the structure of atoms, and Jacinto Benavente of Spain won for literature. There was a Nobel prize for literature in 1922?

Dave is my favorite writer ever right up there with Lennon/McCartney and Sting.

Not quite a million years ago I became friends with Cliff Morrison, the son of Pete Morrison, who at one time, owned a silent movie company in Hollywood. Pete enjoyed telling how he taught John Wayne, whose real name Duke Morrison (no relation to Pete) how to ride a horse on film.

The Morrison home was like a museum, old Western movie memorabilia covered the walls. I heard many tales of early day actors from a man who had known them. I miss those days and listening to stories of the Old West and the time when men lived by a code. No, I never met John Wayne, even though he occasionally visited with Pete. I watched every one of his movies and will say we surely could use another hero like John Wayne nowadays. I am sure The Duke would say, "You run your Country and I'll run mine."

Great story!
John Wayne was a legend and from what I've read a really nice man too.
When my dad was sitting at the airport waiting to go to Viet Nam another nice man came up and talked to him until his plane took off. It was James Garner. My dad never forgot about his kindness and always watched the Rockford Files. A lot of actors back then were not only wonderful performers but nice people too. I'm not sure that's so true these days.

I have an uncle named Marion. You don't.

I had an uncle who was like a big brother of sorts to me. I know what seeing eye to eye means. James Garner looked very much like him. I also had an uncle who looked very much like Neil Diamond. All from the same family, 8 brothers and five sisters. My aunt Vera Gay looked like Dolly Parton.

Bill Dean sounds like a highly prescient editor! Greatly enjoyed the article, as always.

Dave, I loved reading this, please post more of your favorite columns and articles!

In 1972 I was 11.

Actually, I was 7.

And on this totally unrelated note, the Polish National Academy of Sciences has just added to the official list of invasive, alien species, (wait-for-it!) "Felis catus".

In 1972 I was one year younger than Dave. Whereas today...uh, never mind.

Thanks for reprinting this, Dave. I never read it before and it was a lot of fun.

So what did you do in New York the night before?

Inquiring minds...

@Clankie A blog is kind of like a ranch, except it smells better.

You sure about that?

Also, that was a pleasant article to read this morning, I enjoyed it (I would have been a 13 year old John Wayne fan at its writing).

In '72 I was a fire-balling seventeen year old high school pitcher with scouts watching my every move and my coach saying He was trying to get me a scholarship. I had a cousin, a bit older, who bore a striking resemblance to Mick Jagger.

My brother went to West Chester State (then, a "teacher's college") for a summer semester because he needed two science courses for his degree and it was reputed to have an easy course. That proved true. For his second course he spent several weeks identifying trees, courtesy of Penn State. He turned out to be a good teacher.

Two of my favorite entertainers are The Dave and The Duke.

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