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July 28, 2022


N.J. family sues funeral home for allegedly putting wrong body in casket

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I bet the funeral home is facing a stiff fine for that.

I read the article. That sounds really awful. Not sure about the $50M sought, but geez.

The fact that she had two sets of teeth wasn't enough of a clue? What did they think she used the false ones for, puppet shows?

Since this was in New Jersey, the funeral home likely used one of their double decker coffins. The intended inhumee was accidentally put in the lower floor instead of the top.

The huge lawsuit was caused by the funeral director, when he said over his Cuban cigar: "Hey, she ain't gonna be any less dead if we go to the work of movin' her to the upper story."

^5 @cfjk

I didn’t expect to be needing to trot out Will the Circle Be Unbroken so soon after last time but...

“I was standing by my window
On a cold and cloudy day
When I saw that hearse come rolling
For to carry (somebody else’s) mother away”

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