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July 06, 2022


We don't like the looks of this.

(Thanks to Stan Ruth)


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The comments on that are terrific.

Walk this way to the Whack-a-Squirrel contest. $100 grand prize.

Foot loose & fancy free? Stop at the Squirrel Inn and get hammered, all drinks just a dollar.

Let's see. We have a man walking with a white cane. An arrow pointing down, a dollar sign, a squirrel and a mallet.

Now, what can we make out of this, Johnny?

"Well, we could use the cane to help the man go down quicker, the mallet to whack the squirrel and, there's a sale at Penny's."

In all seriousness, there's a $100 fine for doing something (the gavel and a dollar amount are pretty common for that message). What the something is, I have no idea. A fine for walking on the grass instead of on the sidewalk? I'm posting that link to my roadgeek forum and I will let you know if someone there identifies it.

Looks to me like they're planning to equip the squirrels with $100 sledgehammers. The French can be pretty contrary like that.

This original Warhol traffic sign will be sold at auction, minimum bid 100$.

I assumed it meant that you should gently place the squirrel on the ground before whacking it with a hammer. That way you won't startle anyone walking by with a white cane. I could be wrong.

I like this one best:

Try to get passed the attack squirrel and use the hammer to defend yourself. If you survive you get $100.

And why is the squirrel's tail up so high?

Okay, here's the actual explanation: $100 fine to a motorist failing to stop for a pedestrian. The part of the sign specifying the penalty was tacked on later. The squirrel is a sticker slapped on by a prankster, like so much graffiti.

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