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July 28, 2022


Florida man drives stolen truck to Space Force base to warn of battle between aliens, dragons

(Thanks to pharmaross and Ralph)


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Did he get there in time to prevent a catastrophe?

Let's hope he doesn't rot in jail waiting for his presidential pardon.

When He gets out He's welcome in CA where He and his bickering U.S. aliens and Chinese dragons all qualify for $600 a week in tax free assistance.

Wait a minute..."US aliens" are fighting the war? So Le Pet's neighbors are naturalized citizens who've enlisted?

He'll probably end up sharing a cell with Gary McKinnon

Johnson's defense was: "Look around. See any dragons or aliens? NO! That's because I did my job!"

Leave it to the Space Force to drop the ball. This man would have been hired immediately as a contractor at the Wright-Patterson Air Force research lab!

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