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July 30, 2022


Woman finds snake inside popcorn bag at grocery store

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Did she find it before she microwaved it or after?

Better in the popcorn than the toilet.

At least the story seems to have a kernel of truth to it.

This could be a good selling point for the popcorn company, as many people enjoy watching their favorite shows with a companion.

If this woman had used a decent bigfoot camera, we might have seen something that at least resembled a snake.

Had that happened in a darkened movie theater, she probably never would have even noticed.

Are you really going to shop in a store where they have to keep an entire shelf empty because they have so many mice? And obviously, the snake wasn't doing its job. It should have been eating the mice instead of the popcorn.

Rod: Too difficult to get the mice salted and buttered.

Soon to be a major motion picture called "Snacks on a plane"


Sounds like you've been the recipient of the popcorn surprise!

Hey Cosmo, how they hanging? Are your boys still run'n free? But yeah, what is it with extra butter & you guys taking it out in the dark?


Call Jerry and George.

I got some free movie tickets from Bob Sacamano for this retro flick...

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