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July 03, 2022


We're kinda busy.


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Happy birthday! Cute grandkids!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree the other apple fell from.

Happy Birthday, Dave! I know the best part of your special day was that song, sung with Remainders-like fervor by Dylan and Kyle!


Happy Birthday, Dave!

Happy Birthday, Sir!

Happy birthday Poppy Woppy, you bring a lot of happiness to the world.

Happy Birthday, Dave. Hope you have a wonderful day with the family and thank you again for being the sole antidote to the messed up world we are all trying to survive.

Happy Birthday, Dave - enjoy your family and the whole day!

"Dave Barry Turns...Older!" would make a great book title.

Happy Birthday, Dave. I assume Kyle is dressed in acceptable Blog style as an homage.

I was thinking of giving you this. Then I thought, "if you didn't make the top 35, why waste my time and money".

Happy birthday anyway.

Thanks for sharing this video. We loved it And speaking of unique names, per the Monster baby story, Bop-Bop ranks up there with the best of them! Happy Birthday again - it looks like you’re getting back some of that joy you give us 100,000 fold!

Happy birthday!!! Enjoy your day with these cuties.

Happy Birthday Dave! Thanks for all the laughs and (occasionally) really deep and profound thoughts

Happy Birthday, Dave!

Awww! And many happy returns of the day!

Happy Birthday, Dave! And a heartfelt thank you for being the bright spot in so many of my days!!

Happy birthday Dave, we love you!

Happy birthday, Dave! HAVE JOY!

Happy birthday! Hope you have many more!!

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