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July 30, 2022


Are airplane seats too small? FAA soliciting public comments on minimum dimensions

(Thanks to Steve K.)


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What if they just increase the air pressure inside the cabin, that should shrink everyones butt a bit.

Since seats are getting smaller and smaller, and people are getting larger and larger, pretty soon only one person will fit on an airplane.

Too small for what?

Why worry ? It's only a few hours of hell.

When you fly from east to west, time runs backward.

@Elaine: I’ve also noticed this phenomenon when riding a horse toward the setting sun.

Congress ordered the Federal Aviation Administration to establish minimum dimensions for airplane seats within a year when the agency's funding was renewed in October 2018. The FAA has yet to comply.

Psst - I'm no politician, but here's a suggestion: Next time, WITHHOLD their funding until they comply. Otherwise, what is their motivation?

For plus-size travelers especially, densifying airplane cabins can be both a comfort and safety issue.

Densifying .. the process of a reporter's brain losing grey matter at a sudden, alarming rate until they make up words to meet their deadline.

Rumor has it, the FAA bureaucrat who came up with the idea of densifying airline seating, while in route to Sardinia.

It seems to me that FAA employees ought to be required to have flown at least once in their life. Then they wouldn't have to ask such a silly question.

"...and Leon's getting LARGER!!

I recently traveled in a Delta CRJ900 exit row window seat. It was not comfortable. The requirements for occupying such a seat are that you be able to lift and throw a 37-pound hatch in the event of an emergency, and ideally, that you not weigh more than 37 pounds yourself.

Loud guffaw @MOTW! I’ll be laughing at your definition of densifying all day.

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