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July 30, 2022


A person claiming to be a time traveller on TikTok said there will soon be a major discovery of a hostile species on Earth. The user claims to be from the year 2906

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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"Experts and intelligence agencies would likely dispute the claim that a secret species was responsible for the attacks, otherwise, the hunt for Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaeda terrorist cronies may have been a waste of money and time." ...Doh!

Has anybody gotten a close look at his watch?

Dear mathematically challenged time Traveller,

The hostile species you mentioned are already here. As Pogo said, "We has met the enemy and they is us."

I am from the future too - from Monday.
Advice to myself - don't drink too much this weekend.

Does he know when & where 53240 CZ-5B R/B crashes back to Earth?

Ask him what the micro nova on October 16th, 2046 was like.

Hey, if it's on TikTok and in the Daily Mirror it must be true, right?

The quote from Steven Hawking, "The best evidence we have that time travel is not possible, and never will be, is that we have not been invaded by hordes of tourists from the future." was very helpful to arrive at the conclusion there may be some doubt.

If he knows these secrets about 9/11, then why didn't he travel back far enough to warn us before it happened? Rude.

Because it was posted on TikTok, it MIGHT be plausible. If if it was posted on Facebook, you can discount it immediately.

“In the year 2525, if man is still alive....”

Does he go by the moniker "The Dr"?

If humans are still around in 2906, we must have handled those secretive b*stards just fine, right? I mean we WILL handle them. Will have handled them? Tenses are hard.

Tenses are hard, so always remember, too tense equals one fifth, but two fifths equals two drunk.

I thought that the next meeting on time travel will be held last Tuesday?

Question the existing narradigm.

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