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July 30, 2022


Philadelphia wedding cut short as brawl ends with woman shot by another guest, police say

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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It's never a good idea to hold your wedding reception at a Chuck E. Cheese.

They shouldn't have asked "if anyone knows why these two should NOT be wed".......

That's not the proper way to run a shotgun wedding.

Poor choice of words: "the celebration died down early due to the violence."

Philadelphia: the city of brotherly love and hatred

I understand that they would mention that "the fight took place despite the presence of young children at the wedding" .. but in the heat of "might makes right" and "I have a gun," I haven't ever read of someone pulling out their piece, aiming, and then saying, "Oh hey .. what am I doing? There are children present. I must think of the children and the happy couple, put away my gun, and resolve this issue like a sensible adult to be a good example for them."
No, in that moment they're thinking only of themselves.

But who caught the bouquet?

MOTW, if they were going to think liek that, they wouldn't have brought their weapons to the wedding in the first place, I guess.

About 1:10 in. Inappropriate wedding songs

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