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July 25, 2022


Groom Plays Video Of Wife Cheating With Brother-In-Law On Their Wedding Day

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Fake news, or a clever plot for a porno, you decide.

@DP: Perhaps as you suggest, otherwise we may new to coin a new word for the person who would go through with a wedding with this idea in mind.

What happens at the wedding, stays at the wedding.

sheesh - sounds like a scene from a 'bad wedding' reality show

How many minutes into the video before they are interrupted by a knock at the door and it's the pizza delivery guy who decides to strip off & join the party?

Problems arise in all marriages. At least this couple can start seeing a marriage counselor on their honeymoon to save time later on.

So who gets the gravy boat?

I've watched the video several times and even stopped and paused slow motion-like and saw nothing. Still, shocking simply shocking.

Likely a better flick than what he saw at his stag party.

Did the blushing bride pop out of the wedding cake at the reception?

I bet the wedding night was anticlimactic. Maybe they posted a video of it on pornhub.

Everybody still got some cake didn't they? That's the only reason I go to weddings.

What kind of family was this? The family from Hell? If I was father of the bride, I wouldn't pay a cent, Sue the brother-in-law for it. Think of the people who were hurt. Change your name and move away.

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