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July 06, 2022


12:45 a.m. A car successfully stopped at an intersection after colliding with the stop sign.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Well, it WAS a stop sign..

Finally, a stop sign that cannot be ignored. "When I say whoa, I mean WHOA!"

So has the snow and ice not yet melted, or has the nest winter season already begun?

7:02 a.m. Two people committed a theft but couldn't get the getaway car to start.

This is an example of why Flathead County has a low crime rate: stupid criminals.

The man who collided with the stop sign said he wishes to remain Anonymous. Anyway, Anonymous says he was thankful the stop sign was substantially made, since his brakes failed, and the stop sign didn't do any real damage to his Ford Pinto. Anonymous says he had been planning to get those brakes fixed for years. Now he has a good reason to spend the money.

Police are still pondering whether or not to give him a ticket since he technically did stop on top of the stop sign.

Flathead County Frank - a story. I don't know why I'm telling you, but you did mention the chick getter Ford pinto.

So, I had some help but we dropped a 327 cu. in. small block from a '69 Chevy into my '73 El Camino. My '73 was very distinct because I had a section of the back bumper welded back on after side-swiping something. A really big stop sign? So, my girlfriend had a yellow Ford Pinto which was distinct not only because it was Yellow Ford Pinto, but it had no motor mounts. The mother just kind of rattled around under the hood. I suggested she drive my El Camino while took her Pinto for a while and 'worked on it'. Being 6'3, 250 I figured no one would notice what an idiot I looked like driving the thing. Don't you know it. She 'loved' my El Camino so I was stuck driving the creepy Yellow Ford Pinto for a while longer than I originally planned. Like months longer. Anyway, the Pinto wasn't that bad considering the girlfriend I had before the Pinto chick had -62 Thunderbird which I drove. I only drove it once after I discovered it had 'no sign of a brakes' as I approached the first stop sign in my path. I missed the stop sign, but was nearly killed. That is another story. If I were to write an auto-biography I would title it, The many times I was nearly killed.

I can't tell you how great it is to have you providing an inside look into Flathead County going-on's. I am lucky to be here. And when I see a Yellow Pinto, which is never they are all in the junk yard, I get all puffy inside.

man tom - LOL @ “chick getter Ford pinto”

Man tom--We make do with what we have in Flathead County. Some Ford Pintos are still running hereabouts. I must admit they are not really chick magnets, but one guy has a yellow Pinto that blew its engine years ago so nowadays he hooks it to a horse to go to town. He's not only a hit with women, but he also enjoys messing with the police since he doesn't have a driver's license, tags or insurance.

Frank, that last one recalls the time Santa Claus and his elves robbed the First National Bank of Cisco, Texas two days before Christmas in 1927. They'd stolen a car in Wichita Falls before driving to Cisco, but neglected to put gas in it before committing the heist. Just a few miles out of town, they ran out (after unsuccessfully trying to steal a car from a 14-year-old). All were eventually captured.

Flathead County Frank - years ago four of us were riding in my friend's horse drawn yellow Pinto. Let me rephrase that. The Pinto was green and there was no horse involved. I wish his Pinto had been yellow and was being pulled by a horse to town because that would be a very funny and make this story much more interesting.

So, my friend who had the Pinto, we were young and just out of high school BTW, had bought the Pinto only because He had been promoted to Manager of the Toy section at Target where he worked. The four of us, weighing a total of well over 900 pounds, were being taken for a 'hey, look at my new 'sports car' car ride'. So, my friend, I'll call him John because his name was John, says, "this is not a sports car." Gary, the new owner and driver says, says, "it's a sports - what else do you think it is." You can see with this kind of logic how Gary managed to become Manger of the Toy Department at Target. John says to me, "man tom -what kind of car is this?" Dead silence inside the Pinto. You could hear the sound of the motor running sounding just like an electric razor as it lugged us adown the road. I say, "it's an economy car." Gary wanted to kill me but knew better because I had whipped his ass a year earlier, pinned him to the ground and made him wimper to be let up.

I could have kept a friend had I said, "I agree, this Pinto is a Sports Car."

I have another Pinto story, it was red, but I won't bore you with it because the guy ended up in the pen anyway.

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