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July 01, 2022


Brawl breaks out at Hyde Park gig as the Eagles play ‘Take It Easy’

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and Ralph)


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" I HATE the Eagles, man ! "

Occaisionaly also known as Dr. Jekyl Park.

Drugs may have been involved.

If I were to write a novel, I'd follow closely along the path of these thoughts.

Closely follow. Follow closely. I can't tell you why.

... then there was RAP.

This date in Rock history some of us learned...

Before Timothy B. Schmit was bass player for the Eagles.

For the record, I listened to Poco when Tim was just an Eaglet. I lived here at the time.

It’s so interesting to see how nations and their cultures are similar, yet different. People in both Britain and the US either love or hate the Eagles. People in the UK get “pissed” at rock concerts and have “rows”, while in the US they get “drunk” and have “fights”. In England when guys are rolling around outside in the dirt, they call it “the floor”, and here in America we call that surface “the ground”.

Clankie beat me to Mr. Lebowski's comment.

I don't personally hate The Eagles, but this is definitely irony that The Big Lebowski could have appreciated.

I could understand this happening while they were playing Hotel California. I HATE that song!

Oh come on, who has not put time in learning these Don Felder Riffs?

Felder surly has a statue somewhere immortalizing these licks.

Don Felder or Memorex?

Felder, He has changed a lot over the years.

This is what happens when you let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.

It's just, etc.

No joking, Since we are all here, a really *Boss* Joe Walsh solo to a really *Boss* song.

I've just polished of the last of the morning pot of coffee. Now I am planning the rest of my day off and multiple servings, my daily regiment of instant sugar free Caffe D'Vita sugar free Cappuccino Mocha

I'll a trip and pick up some 'Pie'.

If you watch any Top 10 easiest guitar solos! video, watch this one.

For many of you who missed it, go to 5:20 into this video to witness shame.

If Barry Manilow was on the stage when this dustup happened
it would start to make sense.

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