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July 25, 2022


A diner discovered 100 million-year-old dinosaur footprints in a restaurant 

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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We were just having a late night post concert meal.

So how long has that restaurant been open? I bet the rolls are pretty hard by now.

" I've never gone to a restaurant to discover dinosaur tracks..."

Well, sir, let us not be smug about of it. Many of us eat out regularly with the hope of discovering dinosaur tracks and are still waiting to do so.

Health inspectors converge on a restaurant.
"OK, men, the dinosaur's tracks end here. We'll close this joint down and run tests to find out just what kind of meat they're serving."

The only way I would have noticed these footprints is if an actual dinosaur was still standing in them.

It's surprising the dinosaur in China who left the footprint didn't fell apart and become useless junk before leaving the footprint. Dr. Lida Xing forgot the 'N' in Lida and they also misspelled her last name, Checkmark.

Linda Checkmark, Paleowhatever.

I'd be concerned the meat in their dishes wasn't very fresh.

How much are you expected to tip for that?

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